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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage: Still the most popular massage today, Swedish massage techniques leave the body relaxed and rested. Using lighter, rhythmic strokes, Swedish massages are enjoyed by people of all ages and lifestyles, including geriatric massage.

One Hour Massage $59

 30 min session $35 

90 min Massage $90

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy that focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Some of the same strokes are used as classic Swedish massage but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

One Hour Massage $59

30 min session $35

90 min Massage $90


Neuromuscular Therapy: Focuses on specific muscles related to the area of pain. Neuromuscular Therapy is effective for relief of Migraine Headaches, TMJ, Sciatic nerve, 

Shoulder and Knee Injuries Fibromyalgia/Auto Immune Disease and other specific muscular discomfort.

30 Min session $35

One Hour Massage $59

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Prenatal Massage


Prenatal Massage:

(Second and third Trimester only)

Prenatal Massage can relax tired, cramping, and overstretched muscles, promote healthy circulation and detoxification of tissue, and improve posture, range of motion, and well-being.

30 Min $35

60 Min $59

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Couples Massage

 Couples Massage

Share the experience of a relaxing massage with your spouse, friend or loved one! Both of you will receive a massage at the same time in the same room . You may also choose separate rooms if you prefer.  Surprise your loved one on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion!

Two 60 min sessions $120

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Trigger Point

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to the feet that bring awareness to the body, Balancing reflex zones that affect the body and organs.

Trigger Point is applied pressure to specific areas of the muscle releasing knots caused by restricted blood flow and adhesion to the muscle.

30 Min  $45

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Hot Stone Therapy


Using hot lava stones, this massage has many healing benefits to the person who receives it. The stones heat penetrates the muscle easing pain and promoting relaxation.

This warming modality Reduces inflammation, 

releases toxins and

improves circulation

90 min Session $120

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Sports Massage


Perfect for a very active or athletic individual who seeks a muscle intensive massage modality. Sports massage concentrates more on specific areas of the body. Include stretches and concentration on athletic ability. Helps prevent muscle strain and injury. improves flexibilty, endurance, and performance.

90 min $120

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Aromatherapy Add on $5

Choose from a variety of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to infuse to the massage oil or use in a diffuser to enhance your massage experience!

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Timothy Walker

I have been seeing Carrie for about 10 years now. She is hands down the best massage therapist around. She is very attentive to your concerns and needs and gives the best deep tissue massage I have ever had.. I would recommend Theraputic Massage of McDonough to anyone and everyone

Benny Fitz

Director of High Fives, Apple

Deana C

Lisa is so awesome. Always makes me feel better, and I have a lot of health issues. Lol! But she works with me, and LISTENS. That is a very important thing to consider when looking for a massage therapist. Because if they don't listen, then you will not get what you need and leave unhappy.

Therapeutic Massage of McDonough

Tess Timonial

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Mandy -

Had a fantastic experience at TMM. From the moment I walked in it was a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The massage therapist was great, she found all my knots and tight spots and spent specialized time on those areas, so i knew it was personalized and not a "go through the motions" massage routine. I definitely plan to return in the future.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

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